Window cleaning Adelaide

Looking for window cleaning in Adelaide? You’ve just found us! Kilted Cleaners offer window cleaning in Adelaide with a difference…. Not only do we get your windows, frames and fly screens sparkling clean, we wear our distinctive Tartan kilts as we do it!

Window cleaners Adelaide

We take huge pride in the work we do for our customers, from Victor Harbor in the south to Tanunda in the north, we clean windows all over South Australia.

We have hundreds of happy customers and reviews so when we say we’re the best at window cleaning in Adelaide, you can be sure it’s true!

Are your windows and doors grubby, covered in cobwebs and in need of a serious clean? Well, you’re in luck. At Kilted Cleaners, we specialise in turning unloved, dirty windows and doors into sparkling “is there even glass there” results!

Adelaide window cleaners

No one enjoys cleaning windows. It’s boring, it takes ages and you always leave those streaks no matter how hard you try. We get it. Getting your windows sparkling clean isn’t easy. It’s not something you really want to be doing when you’ve already got a busy house, work, and life to be getting on with. The good news is… At Kilted Cleaners, we love cleaning windows! In fact, we love it so much, we clean them every day, all day!

Good Adelaide window cleaners aren’t easy to find. We know. We tried. That’s one of the reasons we started Kilted Cleaners.

So what’s involved in getting your windows super clean and what makes Kilted Cleaners the best window cleaning in Adelaide?

Well, to answer that question, let’s look at what we do to keep our customers happy and ensure we always exceed your expectations.

Kilted Cleaners, Adelaide window cleaners

Everyone hates how dirty fly screens and screen doors get. All those bits of pet hair, insect and bird poo and grime just love to stick to the mesh of fly screens and doors.

The first step to ensuring you get that “wow” factor to your windows is to carefully remove the screens. This sounds easy but if you’ve ever actually tried it, you’ll know it’s frustrating and at times infuriating. This is even more so the case when your screens are older.

At Kilted Cleaners, our experience and the right tools ensure we always remove, clean and replace your screens without the hassle.

Window cleaning Adelaide

So the fly screens are off… Now comes the cleaning! We use non-toxic environmentally-friendly window wash to clean windows and doors. It’s crucial to use just the right amount of window wash solution to water to get that perfect window clean.

We always utilize our high-strength window mops (it’s like a big sponge with a handle) to thoroughly scrub the glass. It’s essential to take care in removing bird and insect poo and other hard marks as you wash. Once this is done, we like to leave the glass for a minute or two for the window washing solution to work its’ magic. Then the most important part of the process comes next…

Adelaide window cleaners

The squeegee is the most important tool in a window cleaner’s toolbox. Using a squeegee is also quite an art. Kilted Cleaners use high-quality squeegees and our perfected technique to ensure a perfect, streak-free finish to your windows and doors.

The last step for our Adelaide window cleaners is to give your window frames a good wipe and… Voila! The job is done!

Looking for window cleaning in Adelaide?

Kilted Cleaners can clean your windows and doors outside and inside from just $169! Use our website to get an instant online quote today.