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Kilted Cleaners is proud to announce its first round of franchise opportunities in Australia.

If you’ve considered launching your own business but don’t know where to start, you’re already halfway to becoming a Kilted Cleaners business owner!

Do you have what it takes to become part of the Kilted Cleaners Clan and be a successful business owner? Read on and find out!

Be your own boss and earn $3,000+ a week!

Launching and running your own business can be incredibly challenging. There’s so much to consider; how do you form the business? What kind of business structure should you choose? What about branding? How do you market the business? Where should you get your customers from? The list goes on and on and it can feel incredibly daunting. Trust us when we say we know this because we went through it all when we launched Kilted Cleaners.

The good news for you is that you can have a ready-to-go business with all these things done for you with a recognised company in a matter of days when you become a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner.

What is a franchise partner?

You might be new to the franchising concept but the chances are you’ve at least heard the term before.

A franchise partner runs their own business under the brand of an already established company and typically pays a fee for the rights to use its trademark, IP, branding and systems. A good example of a hugely successful franchise in Australia would be McDonald’s.

Almost all McDonald’s outlets in Australia are run by franchise partners. These partners run their own businesses and pay a fee to McDonald’s for the use of their branding and systems. The key part of franchising is that it’s completely replicable no matter which franchise partner a customer uses (you won’t have noticed any real difference from one McDonald’s outlet to the next, for example).

Strathalbyn finished job

Why become a franchise partner?

The benefits of becoming a franchise partner are many but the keys ones are:

A recognised brand with existing customers

From day one your business will benefit from Kilted Cleaners’ brand recognition and reputation.

Ongoing support

You will have ongoing advice and support from Kilted Cleaners management as and when you need it. You won’t need to do this on your own!

Lower risk

Launching a business is fraught with risk. 80% of Australian businesses fail within their first three years. Franchise businesses have a success rate of 80% of franchise partners still in business after three years.

Why should you become a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner?

As a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner you will become a business owner with the backing of a recognised brand boasting strong customer loyalty and massive growth. Franchise partners get the following:

Branded trailer

You’ll get a brand new box trailer finished in Kilted Cleaners branding. Your trailer will come with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Tools & equipment

Everything you need for the work as well as all the chemicals and consumables needed for your first 12 months in business.  

Your own territory

Pick your own. Our areas have been divided equally to ensure all our franchise partners have access to thousands of potential customers.

Intensive training

You’ll benefit from an initial intensive 5-day training course and ongoing support as needed.


We’ve invested a lot in a quality website that generates quality leads. You’ll get your own profile page on the site.

Freephone number

A freephone number and enquiries handled by our team so that you can focus on doing the work, not taking calls all day!

Marketing support

Marketing is crucial to create a successful business. We help with this by running continuous Google and social media ads for you, as well as occasional billboard and radio ads.

Booking software

You’ll benefit from our automated booking systems, meaning you’ll have more time to do the work and earn more money!

Accounting software

We know what a headache it can be dealing with accounts, receipts, cashflow and turnover. You’ll get your own Xero account to make this easy.

Branded workwear

As you probably know, we wear kilts whilst we work. You’ll get all of the branded workwear you need to look the part, including a kilt, branded shirts and branded hoodies.

Business help & advice

Running your own business is challenging but we’ll make it easier for you with ongoing business support. You’re not doing this alone.

Sell your franchise

You have the option to resell your franchise territory and make a profit after 12 months. We can even help with the sale!

You probably have heaps of questions so we’ve put together an information pack for you. To download your PDF info pack, simply click the button below, enter a couple of details and it will be ready for you to download and read at your leisure!

How much does a Kilted Cleaners franchise cost?


Your complete ready-to-go Kilted Cleaners franchise partner package costs $29,995+GST. This covers everything you need to launch and run your business.

As a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner you will also pay a small monthly fee to cover marketing and advertising, accounting and admin. Most franchisor companies charge their franchise partners what we consider to be astronomical monthly fees (often in excess of $1,000 per month).

We want to give our franchise partners the best possible chance of success, so we keep our flat monthly fee to $649+GST. This represents a fair cost for both you as the franchise partner and us as the franchisor.

As an added bonus, if you become a franchise partner before June 1st, you won’t pay any fees for the first six months! That’s a saving of $4,283!

Become a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner: The process

Fill out the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you for an informal, confidential chat.

Discuss your goals and options with us, such as your territory.

Sign the paperwork, complete the agreement and get your documentation, branded vehicle, tools & equipment, digital accounting and booking apps ready to go.

Complete your five-day intensive training course at a time convenient to you.

You’re now a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner and it’s time to start earning money as your own boss!

Enquire today about becoming a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner


Interested in becoming a Kilted Cleaners franchise partner? Simply fill out the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you for a confidential, informal chat. 

Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 45 54 54.