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Looking for solar panel cleaning in Adelaide? Kilted Cleaners has built its reputation on our solar panel cleaning in Adelaide!

Get your solar panels cleaned to ensure optimum performance and save money. We take great care when working on your roof and ensure that your solar panels get a thorough clean without any damage.

Solar panel cleaning Adelaide what you’re looking for? You’ve found the best Adelaide solar panel cleaners with a difference… We always wear our distinctive tartan kilts when cleaning your solar panels!

Why solar panel cleaning Adelaide?

You’ve made a considerable investment in your solar panels and the number one reason for that is probably to save money in the long term. It makes perfect sense! But if you don’t get your Adelaide solar panels cleaned yearly, you’re not saving as much money as you could! That definitely doesn’t make sense!

Our solar panel cleaning Adelaide service will ensure your system is running at optimum level. Why? It’s simple – clean solar panels generate more power. Dirt, grime, pollen, bird and insect poo on the panels’ cells reduce the amount of light and, in turn, reduce the amount of power your panels generate.

Solar panel cleaning Adelaide: How Kilted Cleaners clean them

Solar panels are tough. They sit there on your roof in every weather condition imaginable and they just keep doing their thing! However, they’re actually very sensitive when it comes to cleaning. Any kind of abrasion, pressurised water and even detergents can seriously damage them and, if used, may even void your warranty.

At Kilted Cleaners, we only use low-flow water and soft mops (the same kind we use on windows) to clean your solar panels.

Each panel is washed with pure water from a low-flow hose, gently mopped ensuring all stains and grime are removed and then rinsed with low-flow water. Finally, we gently buff each panel with a dry mop. The result is sparkling clean solar panels that generate more power and save you money!

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