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Looking for a window cleaner in Adelaide? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Kilted Cleaners we clean the outside AND the inside of your windows to give that ‘is there even a window there?’ finish. A standard Kilted Cleaners window clean includes the following:

  • All windows washed from the outside and inside with non-toxic environmentally-friendly window wash. 
  • Window frames wiped down and cleared of cobwebs and debris.
  • Dirt, streaks, pollen marks and insect faeces (poo) removed. However, welded stains (stains that won’t move after washing, scrubbing and polishing) are not included.  
  • Final detail to ensure all streaks and smears are gone, leaving a sparkling window.


We always strive to leave your windows completely spot-free and sparkling. But there are times when this isn’t possible. Windows that have welded-on stains – these are stains that have been on the windows for a considerable period, usually one-plus years – occasionally can’t be removed with our standard window cleaning service.

Typically these types of stains are welded-on insect poo or hard-water marks.

When we encounter this, we will ensure that all removeable stains are cleaned and advise you of solutions to remove these welded-on stains. Normally, this requires pressure washing, which we can provide.

It’s important to note that most of these welded-on poo stains and hard-water marks will be unnoticeable in most light conditions and your windows will be sparkling clean when we are finished.

Hard-water stains, limescale and building material stains

Removal of hard water/limescale, concrete and plaster is not part of a standard clean by Kilted Cleaners. We can remove these marks with specialist solutions but it requires extra time. For that reason, we ask you to contact us directly for a quote if you require this service.


Window cleaner Adelaide Kilted Cleaners


When you book a window clean with Kilted Cleaners you agree that you will ensure that safe and timely access is available to all windows, both inside and out. It is at the sole discretion of the cleaner to omit windows from a service if they are deemed by them to be either inaccessible, unsafe or due to factors beyond our control require excessive time to access. No discount, rebate or credit will be due on any original quote or estimate will be given under any circumstances and the full amount remains payable without prejudice to our rights.